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Round 11 : Day 26

August 27, 2010

Round 11: Day twenty-two

August 23, 2010

Round 11 – Day 18

August 19, 2010

Wanted to do something a bit more autobiographical, and have a little break from the HS and Mr. IT story. Hope this isn’t too shit. By the way the ‘r’ missing from *occurred in the title, stands for ‘really good at spelling’.

Round 11: Day fourteen

August 15, 2010

Round 11: Day TEN

August 11, 2010

Round 11: Day 6

August 8, 2010

Round 11: Day two

August 2, 2010

Artist Introduction: Bligh Twyford-Moore

July 30, 2010

Hi, I’m Bligh Twyford-Moore. When I’m not jamming with the through-piece folk band Post Paint, I dedicate my time to comics, not to drawing comics, not even to reading comics in any big way, but to procrastinating from making my first ever strip. I’ve so long put off this “first comic” that I had no other choice but to check myself in to rehab and I’m very, very glad to be here. I hope that’s enough of a bio for you all and I’ll see you in a coupla’ days.

Cordially & Watery,