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Rehab exit interview: Tempo Spindle

December 30, 2007

1. Briefly describe your experience at comic artist rehab:

This has been hands down one of the most rewarding experiences for me dealing with comics and the internet. I have fiddled about in isolation for a long time and it was really nice to get feedback that was not from friends and family. At the same time it was a little intimidating, everyone else that participated this round is in some way a professional artist. I am not. But I think I held my own and for once stuck to a schedule.

2. What, if anything, did you learn from the program?

That deadlines are doable for me. I would self impose them in the past, but they never felt that important, or I would get bogged down with something else. Because I was a part of a greater whole though, I felt compelled to not mess this up and in the end really got into the swing of things.

3. Which one of your own comics are you most pleased with and why?

This is a two fold answer for me. The best produced, in my opinion, was Day Eighteen. It is clean and understandable. Also I think I got used to using the digital font work in a way that looks organic. Day Twenty Two however is my favorite for stylistic reasons. Being a disciple of Scott McCloud I am always looking for a way to make things more iconic and evocative. It is a fools errand at best most of the time, but I like the way this comic comes together with an icon set that is simple and still manages to tell a story.

4. Which one of your own comics are you least pleased with and why?

Day Six hands down. I rushed the first comic after a marathon driving session but it still turned out the way I wanted it to (a little sloppy but the idea was there). Day Two should have been better, I knew what I had to do and when it was due, I had no other obligations to attend to. I got lazy and pushed back the drawing time until the last possible moment. I disappointed myself greatly with this entry.

5. Do you hope to keep up drawing comics after rehab? If so, how often.

Yes I do plan to stay actively drawing. I am thinking about keeping up the every four day rotation over on Amerigo Infernox, though in reality I think once to twice a week would be a better schedule. I also plan to redraw the comics I laid out here in rehab. I have some extra time and I think that the story itself actually makes a good intro for a character I did not mean to create (the bald cop) and a good segue for the mummy (Dead Eddie) who shows up in all of my previous comic ambitions.

6. Any suggestions for future rounds?

I think that all in all the format is solid. It would be nice to see more people gravitate over to this site and have it become a kind of regular destination for web comic fans. Indeed I believe that it has that kind of potential. It just needs a little more exposure across the whole of the internet, and that should just take time and a good amount of participation on the part of newcomers and alumni alike.

Round Two: Day Twenty Six

December 26, 2007

enter the mummy, last day.

I moved down a state, got all of my stuff in storage, and am borrowing a friends computer. MSpaint is quite the program if you have no other choice. I am planning on updating my website in a similar fashion to what I was doing here, so for those that care, come and see me.

Round Two: Day Twenty Two

December 22, 2007


Obviously the most important part is to put the skull in someone elses grave at night and then leave. so step 2. I guess. I am moving states again, back down to California from the Great Northwestern state of Oregon. 14 hour car trips are just the bees knees.

**edit** made it from Portland to Visalia in 14 hours flat. go me. back to the real deal.

Round Two: Day Eighteen

December 18, 2007

a story comes out

somehow, and without trying a story has occurred to me. Indeed it even utilizes stuff I have done in the past. But since no one has any idea who I am (google-ing my name gives you nothing in return.) it doesn’t matter to anyone but me. so take that world.

Round Two: Day Fourteen

December 14, 2007

the cops they comith

the one guys hat disappeared in the last panel, or maybe that is what I want you to think. Maybe he is holding it to his stomach, clenching the sides in frustration…yeah that’s it, that is what he is doing. Okay no, I just messed it up.

Round Two: Day Ten

December 10, 2007

the twinkie defence

Full color no less. I got my magic box full of drawer-ing things from my storage place. I think it made a difference. It gets harder and harder to find non-photo-blue lead these days, I usually end up finding some dilapidated old stationary shack and hit up the far sited old man in the corner with the slide ruler.

Round Two: Day Six

December 6, 2007

the story cont.

and on with the show in a more timely manor than the

Round Two: Day Two

December 3, 2007

the new blood

quick and dirty and late. I just drove 800 miles in the snow and rain in one go.It took 12 hours to do that. Lame, but I got it done.

Artist Introduction: Tempo Spindle

November 30, 2007


I have been an on-again-off-again aspiring web cartoonist for a few years now. I usually let my day job get in the way of me achieving anything. Not actually working in an artistic field makes it hard to focus on an artistic endeavor. Just so you know I work in a warehouse that ships electrical supplies. Before that I worked in a warehouse that shipped computer equipment. These are the kinds of jobs that wipe you out at the end of the day and make writing and drawing a comic a chore, instead of the fun and rewarding task it used to be. That is, fun and rewarding to me. 😉

When I started my website AmerigoInfernox I thought that I would buckle down and really give this a go. This was a place for me to really dig in and make comics. My own venture, my money, my risk. I bought the site about a year ago. I think I have about ten comics up and most of those are from the last couple months.

Sadly this is why I need rehab. I have the intention and ability, yet I always find a reason to not make a comic. I need a kick in the back side to get me going. I believe that I can make a serious go at being a good and consistent artist, and more than that, I want to.