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Artist introduction: Sarah Catherine Firth.

July 31, 2010

It’s a real treat to be here at Comic Artist Rehab with all of you!

I look forward to where it takes us …

So, just a little bit about myself – I’m a young lady who loves to experiment and explore the ins and outs of daily life. I live in West Brunswick. I make kinetic sculptures, animations and draw comics. I love talking with people, sharing ideas and experiences. I love cooking and eating. Oh and puns. I also enjoy dressing up as a man, reading esoteric books and thinking about life a lot.

I have a website of my work

some animations and videos

and a new blog if you would like to know more.

August Rehab, lettuce begin!


Artist Introduction: Bligh Twyford-Moore

July 30, 2010

Hi, I’m Bligh Twyford-Moore. When I’m not jamming with the through-piece folk band Post Paint, I dedicate my time to comics, not to drawing comics, not even to reading comics in any big way, but to procrastinating from making my first ever strip. I’ve so long put off this “first comic” that I had no other choice but to check myself in to rehab and I’m very, very glad to be here. I hope that’s enough of a bio for you all and I’ll see you in a coupla’ days.

Cordially & Watery,


Artist Introduction: Ayano Takeuchi

July 30, 2010

Hi, my name is Ayano, and I’ve so far dabbled in a bit of zine-making and illustration. I’ve checked into rehab for the ritual and structure that will (hopefully) help me churn out something consistently over the course of August!

Artist Introduction: Anthony Pike

July 30, 2010

Hi, I am Anthony Pike.
How are you?
Good, good. Enough about you.

As for me, I paint pictures, draw comics and make silly things for the internet. I have a friend that insists this is called Comic Stripping but I don’t think that means what he wants it to. I also fear my latent superpower might be Visiblity.

I wanted to be part of Comic Rehab as I am easily distracted (I have forgotten that I am writing this bio several times already) and most of my ideas explode into huge things that I have\am\will spend forever making. I wanted a chance to make small quick comics for a bit, because y’know I have far too little time already đŸ™‚

Some of my other stuff is up at