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Ten Years Ago – Vanessa Hutchinson

October 22, 2008

Thanks Vanessa!

Ten Years Ago – Suzanne Marsden

October 20, 2008

Thanks Suzanne.


September 25, 2008

Sorry I didn’t do the deadline thing Amber! I’m a loner, a rebel.

Plus I have no scanner at the momo and had to photograph this.

The last panel that got chopped off reads “I spent a lot of time in the sick bay, either crying or with my friend and her mysterious fainting condition”.

Ten Years Ago – Ray Subahri

September 14, 2008

Thanks for playing Ray.

Ten Years Ago – Amber Carvan

September 2, 2008


September 2, 2008

Round Eight of rehab was due to start this month but we had a couple of people pull out at the last minute so it made sense to defer it until October.

In the meantime, we invite you to participate in the first of our comic meme challenges.

Ten years ago meme

Draw a ten panel comic about what you were doing ten years ago. Put pen straight to paper – no pencil, no computer, no planning, no starting again if you make a mistake. Simply draw and scan.

There are two ways to participate:

1/ email to say that you intend to participate and we’ll give you a deadline to draw to, or

2/ just draw your comic and email it to us and we’ll put it up.

Happy meming!