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Round 08: Reintroducing Adam Ford

January 31, 2010

Hello. It’s nice to be here. Some of my other comics are over here.

Round 08: Reintroducing Amber Carvan

January 30, 2010

Oh hi! It’s nice/odd to be drawing something and uploading it here after all this time. Turns out that I need the pressure of rehab to get any comics done at all. It’s not that I don’t have ideas. The reverse is true – I can’t control the flow of ideas into my poor overloaded brain. It’s just that nothing gets done unless it is made a priority. This will be good. Happy to be here in this positive space with lovely and talented people who I don’t want to let down.

Nicola’s Back in Rehab

January 29, 2010

Here's what I look like when I am concentrating.

So why am I back in Comic Artist Rehab? Well I guess I haven’t really drawn a proper narrative style comic since the last time I was here and I need the kick in the pants that Rehab provides. I fell off the wagon, what can I say? I tried other things – I wrote a book, I opened a speakeasy and these were good temporary distractions but now I’m back. I’ve got a story to tell and hopefully it’s all going to work out just fine. Just fine…

Round 08 : Reintroducing Miss Helen

January 28, 2010

Holla. This is my test comic, I was hoping my spankin new camera would be ok to photography my work with, but while adequate, it’s just not good enough for Rehab. Or I’m not good enough yet at using it or something, but hello again!

Round 08: The Relapse Round

January 28, 2010

Hello! Round 08 features four artists who are familiar with the rehab shtick. I present:

  • Miss Helen
  • Amber Carvan
  • Adam Ford
  • Nicola Hardy

Let the games begin (on Feb 1).