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Round 11: Day Twenty-Seven

August 27, 2010

Round 11: Day Twenty Three

August 23, 2010

I was all too aware today of the stiffening flu-bones and throaty pinch that mark the inevitable illness that overtakes me this time of year. Fortunately figments of my imagination have offered to take care of today’s and I suppose my penultimate comic in this round.

Round 11: Day Nineteen

August 19, 2010

Round 11: Day Fifteen

August 16, 2010

Woo, here is a comic. I guess this is what happens when you get to the end of a busy day (playing video games) and realise you have a comic to finish.

Round 11: Day 11

August 11, 2010

Round 11: Day Seven

August 7, 2010

Round 11: Day Three

August 3, 2010

Artist Introduction: Anthony Pike

July 30, 2010

Hi, I am Anthony Pike.
How are you?
Good, good. Enough about you.

As for me, I paint pictures, draw comics and make silly things for the internet. I have a friend that insists this is called Comic Stripping but I don’t think that means what he wants it to. I also fear my latent superpower might be Visiblity.

I wanted to be part of Comic Rehab as I am easily distracted (I have forgotten that I am writing this bio several times already) and most of my ideas explode into huge things that I have\am\will spend forever making. I wanted a chance to make small quick comics for a bit, because y’know I have far too little time already 🙂

Some of my other stuff is up at