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Taking a break

June 30, 2008

Thank you to all the participants of Round Seven and props to Nicola for finishing without a single blemish on her record.

[Round of applause]

Well done also to Kirrily who has completed her seven comics, if a little late.


Rehab is taking a break in July to reflect on the high attrition rate of late and will be back in August with some great new artists and strategies for overcoming collective creative lethargy… perhaps even a cure for mysterious debilitating illness! Who knows!

Till then I shall leave you with Tim Danko’s fantastic shoes that were created from his rehab comics.

More inspiring Danko here.


June 14, 2008

Excuse me for stepping in. Leigh has contacted me to say that he is having technical problems that have prevented him from posting today. Please come back to rehab Leigh… I sort of believe you. Post a comic tomorrow and all will be forgiven. Same goes for Darren who I fear may have jumped the boundary fence. If anyone sees him please direct him back to rehab!

And now to some project news. I’m very excited to announce that Comic Artist Rehab has been invited to be part of the National Young Writer’s Festival (part of TINA) in Newcastle. The festival is on from 2-6 October.

As part of our presence we are planning to have a roaming rehabilitation facility, comic reading/swap space and a comic confessional! How cool will that be?

Who’s keen to come and be a part of the fun? I have to get back to the festival organisers with a rough quote¬† of how many rehabbers will be in attendance…. please email me or leave a comment if you’re keen! There may be some support available to pay for accommodation.

So excited!

xx Amber

Rehab takes a break

May 13, 2008

Thanks to all the Round Six artists for a job well done! Exit interviews will be up shortly.

Comic Artist Rehab is taking a break for the month of May but will be back in June with more artists in need of support and discipline. See you then!

Quick Update

March 2, 2008

Hurrah! All the exit interviews for Round Four have now been added. Thanks Alice, Cassandra, Bernard and Michael for an excellent round!

Also, way back in December 2007, Tim Danko had some technical problems and wasn’t able to post all his comics. The good news is that he has subsequently completed them and sent them in along with his exit interview. Check out all of Tim’s rehab posts or experience Round Two in it’s entirety.

One more thing… is anyone interested in a super-sized comic rehab later this year? Four artists (I’d be one) would squeeze a month worth of rehab into one week… each artist would do four panels every day for a week in order to create a 28 panel narrative. Please email if you’re keen, or even just curious.

Rehab at Sticky

February 17, 2008

I’ve heard several reports that the rehab drawing session at Sticky was heaps of fun! Sadly I couldn’t find the right dose of diazepam and consequently wasn’t able to make it onto the plane. Next time I think I should ask to be put into a medically-induced coma!

Here are MPF’s minutes and pics:

t’was a hot n muggy day in campbell arcade
i was there at 12:05 chattin w/ luke over juice
Michael Hawkins(swordholder n pal from Tas) was there at 12:15


Clint was there soon after and I finished my panels(up now) at 12:45


Bernard,Alice, Cass,Clint, Michael and I were all drawing away by 1


photos by sticky and letter writing out front with visitors crowded us in=fun!


by 2 i was across mall at pals record shop and up at Hells kitchen by 3
on return there were too many questions about the project i couldnt answer…
(“can anyone draw” “why is it called rehab” “what will the zine be like?” etc)
missed a friend and got new providence comic anthology ‘dragomen’ and
was given a couple, in particular Tim Molloys newie ‘Under the bed’
(look for this one).
Tim and I then started some exquisite corpses and bernard and family left
as his buddy john continued to ask questions and take notes.
Nick Potter and I started some more ‘corpses’ and Carl Von Burger came
to collect my 6 page thread for his ‘choose yer adventure’ comic
Jo Waite came along with her cousin, just as Cassandra left.
Alice left soon after and I realised we had forgotten the zine production…
I left at 4:30 and saw only a handful of images on the table (and 3
exquisite corpses)
so hopefully there are a few things for whoever is preppin up the ziney thing
otherwise – fun was had by all and the shop hung my posters for TRAILS
proudly in the window. yes.

Sounds so great. Thanks for the minutes Michael – much appreciated! Do you know I’ve never even *been* to Sticky? So sad.

Thrilled to hear it was fun though! If you went, or couldn’t make it, feel free to leave comments about the event in the, err, comments!

Comic Artist Rehab LIVE @ Sticky

February 6, 2008


Props to MPF for the brilliant poster!

Rehab News

January 19, 2008

The February 2008 round of Comic Artist Rehab will feature an all-Melbourne cast in celebration of Sticky’s Festival of the Photocopier. Participating artist’s will hold an in-store drawing session at Sticky and a rehab zine anthology will be produced to celebrate the occasion.

Who’s up for it? Please email me if you’re interested or if you know someone who is.

And please spread the word. Thanks!