About Comic Artist Rehab

Comic Artist Rehab is a space where slack comic artists are encouraged to draw more often than they would otherwise.

The program, which runs monthly,  co-opts four artists to each draw a four-panel comic every four days for four weeks. Comics are uploaded daily to this project blog where friends, fans and others can offer advice, encouragement and throw underwear.

In the event that a participant goes Lindsay Lohan, all efforts are made to locate them and re-admit them to the program. Interventions can be arranged.

The fine print

  1. Artists in rehab must commit to completing the program – this involves drawing four panels every four days. The comics can be stand-alone or can be part of a longer story
  2. Artists in rehab have to scan and upload their own comics to the rehab blog. Participants are given an upload schedule and are expected to adhere to it.
  3. Comic Artist Rehab encourages the family and friends of artists undergoing treatment to drop by to offer encouragement and support by leaving comments.
  4. The project only allows for four participants each month.

Please email if you’re interested or if you’d like to arrange for an intervention for someone you know!

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