Round Three : Day Thirteen


village fete 1
village fete 2
village fete 3
Ok. I’ve been doing my comics in my little a6 sketchbook, the first and last panels are a whole page, and the middle two are on the one page. I’ve been doing a rough outline in lead, but I think it takes away from the final.. look or something, so next time I’ll just do the background in pencil, then ink in the foreground. I think the faces are lacking from being drawn twice, rather than looking loose and spontaneous.



3 Responses to “Round Three : Day Thirteen”

  1. jade Says:

    looks good to me miss helen =)

  2. Ive Says:

    I want to live in this village!

  3. Sarah Says:

    There are not enough games of Pass the Artichoke played these days!

    Hope your sinuses are on the mend now.

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