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Rehab Exit Interview: John Weeks

January 30, 2008

1. Briefly describe your experience at comic artist rehab:

We drew comics until the wee hours. We had fun. We didn’t get paid. I enjoyed seeing the other strips as they progressed, and getting immediate feedback on my stuff.

2. What, if anything, did you learn from the program?

a) I need to brush up on Photoshop or b) I’m too dependent on computers. Maybe both. Also, I need to set up a home studio space. All my art tools are at the office, as well as the scanner.

3. Which one of your own comics are you most pleased with and why?

Probably ‘Daily Commute‘. It’s been fun to reference stuff from my daily life & neighborhood. I’m getting better at drawing cyclos, bit by bit…

4. Which one of your own comics are you least pleased with and why?

Day 16 needs to be a bit more cohesive in terms of style. Happy to get it out of my system and on the page though.

5. Do you hope to keep up drawing comics after rehab?

Yep. I may do a small collection of my Cambodia comics. ‘Breakfast‘ will appear in an exhibition this Friday.

If so, how often.

Sporadically. I need to mind Comics Lifestyle too.

6. Any suggestions for future rounds?

The more comments and peer pressure there is to complete a strip, the more effort artists will put in. I’ll be watching from the peanut gallery to see if Round Four’s ‘fresh meat’ can cut it.


Round Three: Day Twenty Eight

January 28, 2008

Life’s a Beach





Round Three: Day Twenty Four

January 24, 2008

This Marvellous Digital Age:





Round Three: Day Twenty

January 20, 2008

Co-Worker Conversation

Sophal, (you) have (a) girlfriend?
No, no…


Sophal, (you) have (a) girlfriend?
No, no…


Sophal, (you) have (a) girlfriend?
No, no…


Sophal, (you) have (a) girlfriend?
Yes! (And you will join the wedding next week!!)

Round Three: Day Sixteen

January 16, 2008


With growth comes… well, big massive traffic jams. Things can get pretty tight in Phnom Penh’s rush hour.


We’ve got bus stops in Phnom Penh but a Japanese-sponsored trial run for a public bus system was halted only after a few weeks. People just aren’t enthused about them.
An Indonesian art exchange included a screening of ‘Bis Kota’ (City Bus’), a documentary about transit in Jakarta. Seems to work OK for other cities…


A monorail like Bangkok’s skytrain has been suggested for Monivong Boulevard, and may even be built. But there are alternate transit solutions:


(Jan 16) Hi there folks, due to a wedding (not my own), lack of scanner access and other difficulties I will probably post this strip late. I will endeavor to beat Sarah at least in posting a ‘final version’ because I am a Cheeky Bastard.

(Jan 19) Posted.

Round Three: Day Twelve

January 12, 2008

Phonics Fun

Phonics fun 01

Phonics fun 02

Phonics fun 03

Phonics fun 04

Ambs (Jan12) : Saving this spot for John Weeks who appears to have gone Britney on us. Come back to rehab John – We love you!

Round Three: Day Eight

January 8, 2008

01 commute

02 commute

03 commute

04 commute

Round Three: Day Four

January 4, 2008





Artist Introduction: John Weeks

December 31, 2007

John WeeksHi, I’m John Weeks. I’ve been making comics since I could pick up a pencil, and distributed my first comics zine in junior high. I’ve done stuff in varied roles and formats, just google my ass if you’re curious.

Reading ‘Lo-Fi‘ & ‘DIY’ comicists (i.e. John Porcellino, James Kochalka, the Puppy Toss collective) encouraged me in to start QuickDraw in 1995, first in print, now on the web. My current gig is in Phnom Penh with ‘Our Books’, looking to grow and cultivate the comics world here.

In my free time I’ve experimented with doing weekly comics, most recently in conjunction with Illustration Friday. Living in Cambodia has given me some new challenges and plenty distractions, hence Comix Rehab.

Round Three: Meet the artists

December 31, 2007

The participating artists for the January round of Comic Artist Rehab are: