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Round 8: Day twenty7

February 27, 2010

Well, that was a lot of fun. This bird is landed – not sure if it’s in one piece, but it’s on the ground at least.

Round 8: Day 23

February 23, 2010

I think the colour on this page is Esther’s – she’s one and a half. It was already on the page when I started the comic.

I posted this last night but I wasn’t happy with it, so this morning I snuck into Photoshop and rearranged the panels. I think it’s better now.

Round 8: Day 19 (1 day late)

February 20, 2010

(i recommend clickenation for embiggenising for this one)

Ah yes. We’ve had no power in our house since last night. No electrickery means no modem. We’ve got a workaround now, so here I am, a day late but still here. Colouring credit for this one goes to my 3yo daughter Oonagh. Our first online artistic collaboration!

Round 8: Day 15

February 15, 2010

Another black and whiter – the girls were restless again tonight. I’m just pleased that this is going up on the date it was supposed to.