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Round Two: Day Twenty Eight

December 28, 2007


This strip has taken on a variety of forms but is still a bit rushed. It’s my last for this round. After all my bleak material I wanted to say that I’m OK now, I have a new girlfriend and I’m happy. But, of course, she gets drunk the other night and tells me she’s screwing another guy and in love with someone else… and the world spins on.


Round Two: Day Twenty Four

December 24, 2007

Im posting this in Devonport Tassie at the local library. These dreams are a little old but I put them down in my sketchbook the night I had them so they’re very close to the actual dreams. I had a lot like this but these two were the most vivid. This one is probably a bit one-sided but its my sub-conscious feelings at the time, rising to the surface.