Round 11: Day Twenty-four


4 Responses to “Round 11: Day Twenty-four”

  1. Bligh Twyford-Moore Says:

    this is really really beautiful. I can’t believe how well you’ve conceived the ‘underwateryness’ of this in just three colours. Can’t wait for your last piece.

  2. Ayano Takeuchi Says:

    Thanks Bligh! There’s actually a bit of overlaying and playing with opacity in this one, unlike the previous comics.

  3. John Weeks Says:

    Yay glowing things underwater!
    Amused that our heroine wears a dress w/the scuba gear and flippers. Gently underscores that it’s a dreamscape.

  4. Ayano Takeuchi Says:

    Whoa, It looks like a glowing marine life is also an inspiration for you! And yes, Audrey wears her tunic dress for everything.

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