Round 11: Day Eight



8 Responses to “Round 11: Day Eight”

  1. Sarah Catheine Firth Says:

    This is fantastic! Cute story – and the colours are superb.

  2. Anthony Pike Says:

    Nice, I have been liking all of Audrey’s expressions in the last two comics.

  3. Ayano Takeuchi Says:

    Thanks Sarah – I’m trying to expand my colour palette at the moment!

    Thanks Anthony – It’s pretty fun to squish circles this way and that to make a variety of facial expressions.

  4. maude farrugia Says:

    so cute!

  5. Ayano Takeuchi Says:

    Thank you Maude – wonderful to get a comment from an alumnus!

  6. John Retallick Says:

    Looking forward to the continuing adventures of Audrey.

  7. Ayano Takeuchi Says:

    Thanks John, glad to hear you’re amused! If things go well I might take it beyond CR.

  8. John Weeks Says:

    Concur with Sarah and Anthony, digging the whole schmeer, but the colors really raise it up a notch. The minimal wording makes it really accessible. 🙂

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