Round 10: Day 13


Sorry this is late – got stuck in Albury without a net connection!

This was a bit of a response to some of the terminology that gets used around my workplace.  I pinned these up on Friday on various noticeboards.


3 Responses to “Round 10: Day 13”

  1. awcomix Says:

    I was trying to explain to a student in my class how they just couldn’t throw the word Gay around. I understand it has been re appropriated and doesn’t necessarily refer to sexual orientation, but still using the word in a negative context then continues to belittle a section of society.

  2. Maude Farrugia Says:

    not only is it totally offensive to use the word ‘gay’ to describe something as bad… it’s totally 90s!!

  3. jo waite Says:

    my felllow illustration students think of me as gay and when one of them asked me for help with something and then said it was looking kind of gay I said if you’re going to use ‘gay’ as a perjorative I’m not going to help you. ‘what?’ she said.
    Apart from not knowing what pejorative meant she had no idea she had even said it. One day at a time sweet jesus….

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