Round Ten: Day Eight.




7 Responses to “Round Ten: Day Eight.”

  1. gregory mackay Says:

    This came out a bit blurry. I had no time to fix it as I had to fly to Tasmania.

  2. bernie Says:

    Loving your use of watercolour! Beautiful!!!

  3. zombo vertov Says:

    is there a ‘cable’ theme running through your comicposts? i’m reading a book about orson welles fight with the studio system and there are old skool freudian analysis of the characters in his films, which in a freudian sense would mean you doing comics about ‘cables’ means you are really talking about your ‘penis’….

    ….which is what rehab is alll about. always.

    (aside: francis bear in french seems such an amazingly natural thing!)

    • gregory Says:

      Thank you for your analysis Zombo, I appreciate having my work deconstructed in the old school Freudian sense. What does my supercharger represent? I am thinking of abandoning my comic on the Trans-Atlantic cable now…
      Francis prefers to speak french these days yes, he also looks a bit like a penis ( I never noticed that and had to have it pointed out to me, how Freudian)

  4. Anthony Says:

    I like the colours and layout

  5. Mum Says:

    Francis does NOT look like a penis Greg!
    This car thing is great…pity its going into storeage

  6. miranda Says:

    Go Babs!

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