Round Ten: Day Four




6 Responses to “Round Ten: Day Four”

  1. miranda Says:

    I want a Corky comic, and I want it now (unless he eats it first).

  2. hsg Says:

    I heart your Eames chair.

  3. Benny Says:

    How can such a peaceful looking cat be so mischievous? I had a housemates cat eat through the cable of an expensive set of headphones rendering them useless. Enjoyed your depiction of the chewed cable and would also love to see some more stories of Corky’s antics.

  4. Mum Says:

    Did the cat really eat your cable…I thought this was so funny!! So like everything else that goes wrong when you move house!! Love your chair….

  5. Adi Says:

    Yes, I agree, Eames chair is so classy! a lovely addition.

  6. Anthony Pike Says:

    I do like this one.

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