Round 10: Day 1



8 Responses to “Round 10: Day 1”

  1. ampersand duck Says:


  2. Amber Says:

    Ha! Nice work Bernie. A great start to round ten!

  3. comicrehab Says:

    I’m next GULP!

  4. miss Helen Says:

    I lolled!!!

  5. Julian Slater Says:

    a great moment in Australian history!

  6. Bernie Says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone! It was great to get the ol’ drawing nib out again. I’m looking forward to doing the next one, and will try to keep Corey out for the rest of the month!

  7. Emily Says:


  8. runterladen kostenlos Says:

    Hi, thanks for your work.. I searched for something like that, but Icouldn’t find anything that’s exactly what I was searching:( You helped me to save hours of my time.. Thanks again.

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