Rehab Exit Interview: Jo Waite


1. What were you hoping to get out of rehab? Did you get it?

I had no thought, no plans, no hope. This is how I live my life.

2. What was the most unexpected thing about this round?

The terrible demon of competitiveness that grew in me when I saw how good Tim Molloy’s work was.

3. What – about your own comics – made you happiest during this round?

Well, I am a bit procrastinatory, and a bit of a perfectionist, so having to do a comic every 4 days had an impact on my health and wellbeing, but they are still pages I am happy with… well, maybe not the slapstick on about the corpse in the cement mixer; anyone could have drawn that…

4. What – about your fellow rehabbers’ comics – made you happiest during this round?

I was happy to see Tim Molloy loosen up and start to tell us things about himself, he’s an enigmatic fellow. John Weeks and Michael Fikaris were like little engines, consistent and good.

5. Are you rehabilitated now?

No. I know I will suffer a relapse and go back to procrastinating and ‘research’ and wandering about.

6. Where can people see your comics in the future?

If I can find a way to put *Lucky pages online without the people who the comic is about seeing them… stay tuned.


One Response to “Rehab Exit Interview: Jo Waite”

  1. Jo Waite Says:

    My namesake! My what an interesting life you live!

    Best wishes


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