Rehab Exit Interview: Tim Molloy


1. What were you hoping to get out of rehab? Did you get it?

I was hoping to do some stories that were a little more honest, and raw.
I wanted to get back to the basics of just telling a story with our wonderful medium. It seems that too often I have to delve into a strange mystical space to come up with my comics, and then spend untold aeons getting every little detail in the art perfect. It can be very tiring, and seems sometimes to defeat the incredible communicative powers of comics! I’ve been doing wordless comics for like two years now, and was beginning to think that part of my brain might be atrophying!
I think rehab helped me with this!

2. What was the most unexpected thing about this round?
Despite my total awareness of just how busy my life has got, the fact that I only allowed myself 15 minutes whilst drunk to do the last one really gave a bit of a shock. I also got quite a thrill from doing something so sloppy! Truth be told, I didn’t think I was quite drunk enough when I sat down to do it, so I had another glass of wine to get me more ‘in the mood.’

3. What – about your own comics – made you happiest during this round?
Using English generally. I was really happy with ‘Frightening Orbits.’ I’m going back to South East Asia later this year, and really want to turn some of whatever happens over there into some new work. It was also nice going on a little trip down memory lane with my first kiss story.

4. What – about your fellow rehabbers’ comics – made you happiest during this round?
Jo’s stuff really blew me away, I haven’t seen as much of her work as I would have liked, mostly Tango stuff. I think ‘I kissed a Girl’ was my favourite. Beautiful! John was consistently hilarious. Michael’s strips were a perfect mix of the obtuse and the accessible. I liked those little windows into situations that evoke a sense of both familiarity and weirdness.

5. Are you rehabilitated now?
Yes. Kind of. I can imagine myself back-sliding if I’m not careful.

6. Where can people see your comics in the future?

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