Rehab Exit Interview (Round Nine): John Weeks


1. What were you hoping to get out of rehab? Did you get it?

A kick in the tuckus. And yes.

This was initially mooted as a Malvern Stars round. When asked if he would play ‘Loser’ live Beck deadpanned: “Yeah, we like to bring back the hits.” Similar sentiments: there’s so much new stuff being done, and many projects to aspire to.
I’ll invoke the past; be informed by it, but the prescient lyricism of Neil Diamond definitively states, we are ‘Headed For The Future’. We inhabit time and move through it – and art such as music and comics clearly exist in sequential format with our thermodynamic arrow as backbone and structural foundation.

2. What was the most unexpected thing about this round?

I was pleasantly surprised about how productive we all were – in our own way. Jo really put us all to shame with her yummy color work.

3. What – about your own comics – made you happiest during this round?

Actually, the ‘filler’ strips I did to buffer myself so I wouldn’t ‘go Britney’ turned out to be the centerpiece. I’ve had a uniformly (if not enthusiastically) positive response. I’m happy doing quicker, crappier comics, being a QuickerDrawer. If it’s a good idea I can always redraw and polish it later. I’m thinking of doing a daily strip a la Chris Downes.

Why I Suck So Bad #17

Also, I totally PWN3D Fikaris, Carvan and Helen and I *Liked* It. Hee hee.
It was fun to ‘do’ other people’s styles and riff on that. I have some more ideas in the same vein. Molloy, Waite, watch yer backs. Maybe Athonk / Bernard C. are right, Oz comics are primarily made by the community for the community. That’s a topic for discussion in another venue perhaps.

4. what – about your fellow rehabbers’ comics – made you happiest during this round?

I’m happy just to be allowed in the clubhouse when you’ve got such heavy hitters – with more established oeuvres – than my own teeny output. I’m more of a panel beater than a panel maker. Past credibility be damned. That’s a nice feature of Rehab, the door is open to all.

Overall, I liked Tim’s experimentation, he ranged from serious to silly, and the autobio was really quite sweet. I only know Jo a little bit but I really adore her professional standards combined with such a unique lateral viewpoint. And it was a treat to see Michael operating on two levels, I think it’s a really accessible entry point for anyone who wants to read more. We just take him for granted.

I really can’t think of a dud in the bunch. Except for myself, and I practiced truth in advertising. So there.

5. Are you rehabilitated now?
I’m not sure I was ever ‘habilitated’ to begin with.
But I’m producing at a higher ratio so, overall yeah.

Anyone who a) intends to publish and b) isn’t drawing at least a page a day should consider Comic Rehab.
Think of it like Alcoholics Anonymous. Most people who are rehabbed need to show up at a meeting, even in another town, to get some support from people with healthy habits. (Maybe you should consider franchising this model.)  And with a mix of creative personalities,  it’s never gonna be dull.

6. Where can people see your comics in the future? And I’ll be streaming them and other comics on . And of course the Comic Rehab collected volume, once Allen & Unwin pick it up.  🙂

7. Any suggestions for future rounds?

Yeah, just because I’m not in Oz I’d enjoy seeing Gregory MacKay, Kieran Mangan, Alice Mongrovius, Anna Brown, and David Nichols. Shagsy too, though she’s not big on labels and completely over ‘scenes’. If I had a nickel for every comics happening Shags helped make *fun*, I’d be able to buy her a dozen chai lattes. I’m not sure if they NEED it, but it’d be fun to see them mix it up.


2 Responses to “Rehab Exit Interview (Round Nine): John Weeks”

  1. miss Helen Says:

    Jdub, I beg to differ that you pwned me.

  2. John Weeks Says:

    Probably the wrong term to use, we’re here to support ppl not compete. (Though I’ll go toe to toe with Michael any day just because he’s so much fun.)

    Was thinking to send you and Ambs the originals – can someone pass on a postal? 🙂

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