Artist Introduction: Bernie Slater


Hi, I’m Bernie Slater and I haven’t drawn a comic in yeeeeeeeears.  I cut my teeth in the world of drawing making zines and self published comics.  These days I’m primarily a printmaker, but do a lot of drawing, collage and sometimes digital stuff.  I’m keen to get back into some comics – they’re quick, a great opportunity to be cheeky and you can shove them out into the world without having to engage in too much pomp and ceremony.

I teach visual arts at Canberra Institute of Technology, and June rehab conveniently fits in with our hectic assessment period.  Fun!  Combine that with World Cup Soccer, home renos and a six month old baby and we have a sanity-testing month of sleeplessness!   I already feel queasy from the adrenalin.

More vital stats:

Fave comic artists:

  • Art Speigelman
  • Nate Powell
  • Lots of self publishers who put out a single brilliant comic then disappear forever.

Preferred modes of communication:

  • Biting political satire that ‘sticks it to the man’
  • Poo jokes


One Response to “Artist Introduction: Bernie Slater”

  1. Tristan de Chalain Says:

    The image is really corny!

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