Round 9, Day 29, Sudden Death Overtime


Why I Suck So Bad #16

(Feel free to substitute the internerrd for the boob tube, they’re both distracting, glowing screens.)


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3 Responses to “Round 9, Day 29, Sudden Death Overtime”

  1. David Chelsea Says:

    The other week I went to a talk by a Twitter employee named Kevin Cheng who is writing a book about comics as a business tool on websites. It turned out Cheng’s main focus was on telling the web designers present how they can do away with the need to hire an illustrator by using the cool new comics-generating software. Maybe you should be generating comics with mouse clicks instead of by hand. We may be entering a time in which drawing comics yourself is as retrograde as hand-lettering the copy on your website.

  2. Amber Says:

    Sudden Death Overtime! I love it! You are definitely getting the keen bean award weeksy. Thanks so much for enriching rehab, for the second time! xx

  3. John Weeks Says:

    @David: New tools? Bring ’em on. There will always be a market for the BEST – of hand drawn comics, and of well thought out computer produced comics. What is important is that they don’t suck. Our pal Ken’s sourcing one at

    @Ambs: Thanks! I got a million of ’em! (Excuses that is.)

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