Round 9, Day 28


8 Responses to “Round 9, Day 28”

  1. John Weeks Says:

    Tim U can NO BEAT me @ #comixfail I fail faster harder! You (and Parker Lewis) CAN’t Lose!

  2. jo(hn) the baptist Says:

    Ok its been hard, and given me Herpes and Tim Molloy is back on the piss and John Weeks watches too much TV and Fikaris is a mountain shagging behemoth…. but hey! this thing has freed me to draw my character Luce from the graphic novel/masterpiece wandering about and doing whatever, and I might just put new pages online before I collect them into the final”bible”.
    And I am happy to see Tim shaking it all about with such abandon! Tim, do you feel free now?


  3. Tim Molloy Says:

    FREEEEEDOM! we have achieved coolness

  4. zombo vertov Says:

    coolness sucks…. well done all! and all who sail on it. If comics medium fail inherently can you fail at making a comic that would fail inherent structurally anyway? comics success!

    **replace ‘fail’ with ‘flail’**

  5. John Weeks Says:

    “Shag every mountain, f&¢k every stream…”

    Comics as a learned grammar or a sub-genre of literature (take your pick) have a robust inherent framework to fall back on. Plus side: even while I write about failing I’ve managed to pump out 20 comix so far. Down side: who gave us all herpes??

  6. zombo vertov Says:

    i like comiks that ‘fail’… and flail. Tims fits both bills!

  7. Amber Says:

    Well done Tim! You haz done it! Congrats on finishing rehab – it’s been such a pleasure!

  8. comicrehab Says:

    😀 -tim

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