Round Nine, Day Twenty-Five


Why I Suck So Bad #15

Yes, I’m full of ideas. Well, I’m full of *something*.  :/


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4 Responses to “Round Nine, Day Twenty-Five”

  1. general braddock Says:

    yes to temple comics!
    yes to sucking in comics!
    yes to printing comics!
    comics comics comics!!!

  2. John Weeks Says:

    “You don’t have to suffer for your art.”
    That is, if I don’t get around to drawing. :0

  3. Tim Molloy Says:

    To the bar!

  4. Amber Carvan Says:

    You are full of something weeksy and it’s pretty special stuff. Congrats on finishing rehab (for the second time). It’s been awesome to have a regular dose of JW all May.

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