Round 9, day lucky 23


….please forgive the terrible scans: I am uploading this in an internet cafe in the city; pop-ups keep appearing in Korean, cars crunch and girls scream, Elizabeth St on a Sunday night, I have a coldsore and a cold and my legs are sore. Why in the name of Beelzebub did I agree to do comic rehab?


4 Responses to “Round 9, day lucky 23”

  1. Amber null Carvan Says:

    Jo, this is stunning. I love how you show us a completely different style with every post. Very impressed,

  2. John Weeks Says:

    Wow! I love the white trees, really lush use of color, lovely moody ambiance. (Watercolor?)
    Damn, you did that four days? That would take me four WEEKS. MMmm nice!

  3. Jo Waite Says:

    John I admit it; it took me more like a week. It was about half done when I put the last 4 panels in.

  4. Tim Molloy Says:

    ah shit! I haven’t done anything yet and I gotta post tonite!!!! This is real beeyootiful Jo and will make whatever I do look extra shitty!!!!!!!!! Curses!

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