Round 9, Day 20



6 Responses to “Round 9, Day 20”

  1. comicrehab Says:

    I guess a nod to Jo is in order, speaking of adolescent kisses! Also thanks to Paul for the Jens Lekman album, the first track sent my mind on a trip down memory lane…
    -Tim M

  2. miss Helen Says:

    Oh, this is lovely!!
    ps. love is a brain disease.

  3. Jo Waite Says:

    Your kiss picture more sloppy than mine! ( I mean that in a good way) Interesting how your style is changing due to quickness?

  4. John Weeks Says:

    Aw, cute! You cannot go wrong with fun vignettes like this.

  5. comicrehab Says:

    sweet! you tell a great story tim

  6. Amber null Carvan Says:

    Aww. Excellent work Tim! Keep ‘sipping on the sweet nectar of your memories.’ Very apt considering the current password for this blog 😉

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