Round Nine, Day 17


Why I Suck So Bad #10

Famous procrastinators:

In the original story Hamlet wastes *so* much time getting his revenge one of my classmates wrote an essay on his slackness. His professor returned the assignment with a request that it be retitled before she read it. He taped the paper  ‘Hamlet: Dumbshit?’ to the door of his dormitory room in pride.

Neanderthal skull in panel two. Intrigued by the recent news about ancient history.


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4 Responses to “Round Nine, Day 17”

  1. tim molloy Says:

    this is what you call LOL mofo

  2. comicrehab Says:


  3. John Weeks Says:

    Um… Roll at Outhouse Turbulent Flatulence Laugh Out Loud?
    Glad you like…

  4. miss Helen Says:

    Hey JayDub, if anyone sucks, it’s not you. ❤

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