Round 9, Day 16


And now for some levity. This is a true story!


7 Responses to “Round 9, Day 16”

  1. Craig Anderson Says:

    I’d never heard of the term “boozepunk” before. I think you’ve given me my favourite description of my favourite type of music. Cheers.

  2. comicrehab Says:

    The band in question are a local outfit called ‘Keggin’, purveyors of such timely classics as ‘Dark side of the Goon’ and ‘Love in a Box.’

  3. jo waite Says:

    I love a true story from you Tim! And Vomiting. Next time a fart as well?

  4. comicrehab Says:

    nothing much has changed eh
    great stuff as always Tim! (mpf)

  5. Neil Sanders Says:

    Nice on Tim, it’s the great Australian dream fulfilled, drunken popularity. It’s interesting to see you work on an autobiographical strip with a rapid line style, the opposite of what I’ve seen from you in the past.

  6. James James Says:

    Hey what’s with the goatee in the first panel? Did you shave it off so that you didn’t get puke in it? It’s a good look bro.

  7. planetink2010 Says:

    He looks like a beatnik with that fury goat hanging from his chin. I love it-

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