Round 9, Day 12



7 Responses to “Round 9, Day 12”

  1. Jo Waite Says:

    amazing, terrifying…. you set the bar so high!

  2. Amber Carvan Says:

    Great work Tim.

  3. juanele Says:

    excellent art and concept, Tim, really cool!

  4. Emily Says:

    wow. sad. beautiful.

  5. John Weeks Says:

    This could be any visit to a historic genocide museum. I suspect it’s inspired by Tuol Sleng, a place I pass by daily. Regardless of country, I can see it’s primarily about *interior* landscape, about reflecting and reacting.

    Art is a powerful tool in assessing and assembling a response to crimes that literally defy imagination. The Khmer Rouge leaders are in the dock at a Tribunal. Painter and sculptor Vann Nath was spared due to his talent.

    He later used his skills to great effect in his memoir about the prison, which combined grim descriptive paintings with a text narrative. (The perspective in the earliest paintings is a bit warped, as if the atrocities are defying the rules of logic and nature.)
    The book’s made him a key witness in the trial. Irony of ‘justice’: all the defendants have free medical care, while Vann Nath is ailing.

  6. Amber Carvan Says:

    Pleased to see and read your comment John… and thank you for the Vann Nath background.

  7. Tim Molloy Says:

    Yes, inspired directly by a very confronting visit to Toul Sleng… The darkness that settled over me that day was in direct contrast to the amazing courage and kindness of the Khmer I met on my trip. Nobody seemed to understand the horror that had transformed their nation, but what i did see was this incredible spirit of… overcoming. I found the people inspiring and humbling… I dont’ know, hard to do the whole thing justice in a comment… I love Cambodia, and cannot wait to come back! October/November! (I’ll be lookin you up John!!)
    Kinda nice to expurge some of the bad stuff in comix, that’s what rehab is about huh?

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