Round 9, day 11



6 Responses to “Round 9, day 11”

  1. comicrehab Says:

    This is a comic created by the use of random words. The book I used was ‘Plant Names Explained’.
    In panel 1 the words were hirtellus: rather hairy. Hirtiflorus: with hairy flowers. ACER PALMATUM “Higasayama” which means Parasol Mountain in Japanese. hortensis: raised in a garden.
    Panel 2 the words were, trifurcatus: three pronged, tristulis: rather sad, tuberculatus: covered in small warty nodules.
    In panel 3 I cheated. The word that came up at random was ‘Fireweed’ which is a name I have given to a landmine I have invented which attacks the nervous system upwards in a sort of tree shape.
    And in panel 4 the words were ovate: egg shaped, Oxonianus: from Oxford and Colchium ‘Naked ladies’. You probably don’t notice that the fierce guardian of the rare eggs is naked but she is. I was also watching Foyle’s War and Doctor Who while I was drawing and the music I picked out of the rubbish at Officeworks.

  2. comicrehab Says:


  3. comicrehab Says:

    great borders, and weird. 😀

  4. Amber null Carvan Says:

    Far out Jo. I’m so impressed by how you change your style from strip to strip like this. Really loving seeing your amazing range.

  5. John Weeks Says:

    Flabbergasted. In the best possible way. Wow.

  6. Emily Says:

    He was covered in small warty nodules!

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