Round 9 Day 10


Round Nine Comics



5 Responses to “Round 9 Day 10”

  1. Amber null Carvan Says:

    Oh I love how this is developing with the various ‘not’ comic artists that we know and love. Oh how I miss Tim Danko! Lovely work em pee.

  2. John Weeks Says:

    Hee pouty lips Michael in panel two.

  3. zombo vertov Says:

    i cant see it? why cant i see it it just has that little red cross in the corner super bum fuck b ugger shit.

  4. zombo vertov Says:

    there you go….. i way prefer ‘not tim danko’ i may change my name to ‘not tim danko’ so i can match the magnificent fikaris comic world…

    the mountain hug is the best warm feeling image i have seen sweeeeet!

  5. general braddock Says:

    glad you like friends
    more warm fuzzies to come

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