Round Nine, Day Nine


Why I Suck So Bad #8

So you want to up the stakes and use color Molloy? You and Fikaris want to play, do you? It’s ON.

I am so gratified to have nifty new bristol board bought in Singapore over Khmer New Year.  (No more Panel Two!) Next? Maybe I’ll splurge and buy a ruler.


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7 Responses to “Round Nine, Day Nine”

  1. comicrehab Says:

    -tim m

  2. comicrehab Says:

    haR! True Dis

  3. Amber null Carvan Says:

    Heh. Muchly enjoyed. Good work!

  4. John Weeks Says:

    Just cutting off every possible escape route I might allow myself. Dang there’s a lot of them.

    New website? Ambs you been holdin’ out on us. ‘Bout time.

  5. Amber null Carvan Says:

    So-called ‘new’ site is just a silly thing I put together a while back for a (failed) grant application.

  6. John Weeks Says:

    I *like* silly things.
    (I rebooted my own site after um, 10 years! Still tweaking!)

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