Round 9 day 7


OK, so I can’t draw cars…. but you get the idea. I am practising drawing buildings &  streetscapes for my Book… sorry, Graphic Novel!


8 Responses to “Round 9 day 7”

  1. John Weeks Says:

    Ooh yeah. I was really blissed out on the Melbs architecture. (I recall Greg had half seriously suggested a ‘Chimneys of Malvern’ mini.) But then again, I came with fresh eyes. If I’d been born in Melbourne I’d probably be a lot more blasé.

    Like the goggles. Mandy Ord is monocular, you have goggles. Michael has a paper bag over his (character’s) head. Everyone is playing with ideas about how their vision works.

  2. inkwinks Says:

    All rather exquisite! I love love love the peoples in the background in the last panel! In particular that hunched man all shadowy.

  3. Anthony Woodward Says:

    Yes very good Jo, is there a little of a brack’s homage to Collins street at 5pm in that last panel?

  4. Tim Molloy Says:

    beautiful! 😀

  5. Neil Sanders Says:

    Lovely work Jo, I always enjoy peeking over your shoulder at your sensitive work

  6. comicrehab Says:

    seen through the eyes of the artist…

  7. Lindsay Says:

    I want to see more of the Fish MArket! I want to not have been demolished…

  8. Emily Says:

    Wow. Makes me wish I could draw. Wonderful.

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