Round Nine: Day Four


Also, setting things in the desert is mostly laziness, not some kind of psychological symbolism!


5 Responses to “Round Nine: Day Four”

  1. comicrehab Says:

    ha ha – weirdo!

  2. Jo Waite Says:

    I thought it was Henry James who said “I have nothing to say, only to add.” but I cant find it on Wikiquotes. ah well…
    I am impressed by your naked revelations.

  3. Tim Molloy Says:

    That’s actually what it looks like down there, I have been meaning to go and see a doctor about it… 😦

  4. John Weeks Says:

    We’re pretty clearly in Cthonian / Lovecraft territory. What later analysts have cogently noted is that there’s a sublimated element of sexuality in all that horror.
    (Just make sure the tentacles are green, not pink.)

  5. comicrehab Says:

    haha, indeed, indeed

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