round 9 day 2


round nine comics


6 Responses to “round 9 day 2”

  1. John Weeks Says:

    Mmm. Is panel four a kind of nature spirit? Male? Female? I’ll see these recurring figures, and there should probably be some kind of taxonomy developed. I might see one in the wild.

    And for recurring characters let’s not forget Flame-Head, and the ‘guy with the bag over his head’. And teeny SuperDeformedMichael.

  2. comicrehab Says:

    MMMMMMM sure does! Whats that ice-giant doing to that poor mountain???
    -Tim M

  3. Anthony Woodward Says:


  4. comicrehab Says:

    there will be the ‘split comic’ thing going here with the top
    being a narrative between two friends and the bottom being
    a slight metaphor for community w/ ‘sleepy giant’ over 7 pics.

    yes, It does look a bit like that I noticed aswell Tim…

    ha ha – I look forward to seeing the rest too
    (Michael F)

  5. zombo vertov Says:

    is that a mountain? i thought it was a giant rising ice blanket tentpole glacier schwiiinnggg!!!

    boy humour…. phwoooaaarrr.

    it is rehab, is one of the twelve steps resisting sexualised stuff as a substitute for the dope/booze you is rehabbing from.

    time to perform menial tasks on our way to true rehabilitation

  6. sonicrafter Says:

    Very good article. Looking forward to seeing you write a lot more about this subject.

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