Round 8: Day 25


GUYS! I did forget. I thought my go was on Sunday. I’m currently housesitting for Vanessa(very important that the rabbit has companionship otherwise his lady charming skills will build up and women everywhere  will be endangered. The rabbit, the toad and I are living like foul bachelors) and am using the dial ups on her ibook and has no camera or nuffin.

This is an IOU for 1xcomic, which is drawn, but has no way of getting onto the interwebs, due to forgetting. OH THE SHAME. I can upload it on Sunday. The shame…

This is the fine rabbit(a photo from my flickr from a couple of years ago when he stayed at my house!!).


2 Responses to “Round 8: Day 25”

  1. Amber Says:

    Heln! I believe you! I look forward to seeing your comic on Sunday! Don’t worry. You is still totes in the program. You’ll get your medal n everything 🙂

  2. Miss Helen Says:

    I didn’t end up in hospital, just the rest home!!!!

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