Round 8: Day 19 (1 day late)


(i recommend clickenation for embiggenising for this one)

Ah yes. We’ve had no power in our house since last night. No electrickery means no modem. We’ve got a workaround now, so here I am, a day late but still here. Colouring credit for this one goes to my 3yo daughter Oonagh. Our first online artistic collaboration!

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8 Responses to “Round 8: Day 19 (1 day late)”

  1. Amber Says:

    Oh this is my favourite so far. Love the colouring (yay Oonagh!) and the backwards writing on prrincipal’s door. Great jumping frogs too and I love the dissected frog diagram in the first panel. Well done Adam. I’m really enjoying this.

  2. Eric Dando Says:

    i really like how you draw the frogs in the middle panel.

    this comic reminds me of my friend scot baker who had to go to court for stealing seven long-neck turtles from a petshop and releasing them into the merri creek.

    the judge read scot a poem.

    really enjoying the comix adam!

  3. John Weeks Says:

    In my day when it came time to slice up the frogs, they’d been dunked in formaldehyde alas.

    Had spicy frogs legs last nite, mmm.

  4. comicrehab Says:

    yeah i’ve been waiting for someone to point out that they rarely give you live frogs to kill yourself. it’s usually pre-deaded froggies, but there you go.

    what was the poem the judge read to your friend, eric?

  5. Miss Helen Says:

    I LOOOOOVE the frogs in panel 3! So effective and cute!! Please tell Oonagh that her colouring is amazing

    … again I am craving some tinned ravioli. STUFF YOU ADAM FORD!!!! 😉

  6. Emily Says:

    I love the frogs in their pre-escape box!
    And I too am dying to know what the poem was!

  7. Eric Dando Says:

    i will find out. it wasn’t a poem about frogs though. i think it was a poem about a turtle but it could have been about a bird. i will ask scot baker.

  8. Eric Dando Says:

    ok, scot baker told me that the judge read out a poem by lord byron about an eagle flying and setting a turtle free. i’ll try googling it. i don’t really care for lord byron though, i must say.

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