Round 08: Day 18


When I first started doing comics I used to have conversations with whoever would listen about my motivation being to tell ‘nowhere stories’. Autobiographical tales that don’t go anywhere or do anything other than preserve a memory. No climax. No resolution. No punchline. They start nowhere and end nowhere.

I suppose I wanted to draw nowhere stories because it was these that were my favourite comics to read. There’s a nice kind of intimacy about them. Anyway, this is a nowhere story that I’ve been wanting to draw for ages so I’m pleased I’ve finally had a chance to do it.


13 Responses to “Round 08: Day 18”

  1. adam Says:

    well this is just brilliant. i love the idea of a nowhere story. love it a lot.

  2. Amber Says:

    Aw thanks Adam.

    I totally need a new pen – I’m gonna get the one that you’ve got!

  3. Miss Helen Says:

    My favourite stories are nowhere stories! I want to read Milly Molly Mandy to you guys at Easter!!! <3<3
    Adam's pens are the best, my favourite, though, of the uniball series is the micro(obviously). I started using them cus Leigh Rigozzi did, and he does a nice drawing. They're so smooth and perfect and amazing. If you love them, or if Adam wants some, you can buy them in kinokuniya in many many different colours! You can find the regular ones in larger newsagents, and officeworks(pack of 4, so drooltastic!).

  4. Amber Says:

    I shall start my search tomoz – thanks for the tip MH. The pen I am using is *your* one that dropped from your bag into my car on the day that we kept missing trains because we wanted to eat MacDonalds! It is the pen of shame!

  5. Anthony Says:

    Love the comic. that’s a great name for these type of stories, nowhere stories. Let us know about these uniball pens, are they they ones that Jeffery Brown uses too?

  6. Miss Helen Says:

    I’m going to do my comic after next in uniball. I can’t remember which pen I left with you! I apologise about the chew marks. These are them. I love this website but cannot personally reccomend as I’ve not brought anything from them.
    Also: Bertie in your comic. ❤

  7. adI Says:


  8. Adam Ford Says:

    i think uniball is recommended by james kochalka too – there’s a really odd scene in his “Monica’s Diary” retelling of the Starr report into the relationship between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky where President Clinton asks “did you get the pens that I like?” “Which ones are those sir?” “Uni-ball.” “Yes sir.”

    Or something like that. but htat’s not why i’m using a uniball. it’s because they’re free in the stationery cupboard at work.

  9. hackpacker Says:

    More of those dainty colours – I like ’em! Sweet little story and an interesting departure into pen fetishism.

  10. John Weeks Says:

    Mmm nice slice of the moment. They all gots the same shoes! Indie dress code = Chuck Taylors?
    Candle Records… Do a quick google here…
    OMG they bought Polyester???
    (I just kinda expect everything to stay as I saw it on my last trip – 2002.)

  11. John Retallick Says:

    Loving the new round of comics Amber. Good to see it all going again.

  12. hsg Says:

    Love love love love love! This is just wonderful.

    Carlie x

  13. Mim Says:

    This one is my favourite…absolutely delightful Amber. Nowhere stories are the best…perfect vignettes that don’t have to prove themselves. Love it x

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