Round 8: Day 17


Edited to replace the photographed version with clearer scanned one.

Hope it’s ok enoough to read, cannot bare negotiations necessary to use a scanner right now. Have migrane. Am opening eyes like opposite blinking. I think the picture is a bit blurry, but I cant’ see properly. I’ll try to scan this and the one from last time tomorrow.

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5 Responses to “Round 8: Day 17”

  1. adam Says:

    oh miss helen – i hope the nth korean doco wasn’t too grim. feel bette soon.

    perfectly legible, btw.

  2. Miss Helen Says:

    I got an appointment today. It turns out my doctor has been unwell, she is so lovely. The doco wasn’t so bad, it was the (shudder, oh the shame) vice documentary where they went to north korea and were given the official tour, it was just weird and odd, and only grim in an indirect manner). Thankyou, though 🙂

  3. Amber Says:

    This is so lovely Miss Helen. I’m sorry I haven’t commented until now – have been busy angsting about my comic. I love the ripped with comps slip in panel two – is awesome. Love also your beautiful fine lines but I think you really should scan this one because it’s too blurry for me to appreciate them properly. Also love how you’ve written BRAIN and the face in panel one actually looks so much like you it’s amazing.

    I hope you start to feel better soon! Am thinking of you. xxx

  4. Miss Helen Says:

    Thanks Amber. I understand the comic angst, all too well! Why is this hard?
    I’m going to scan them both tomorrow morning, and replace them. I felt so rubbish yesterday.
    BRAIN is actually a stamp(gill sans!! MY FAVOURITE. So authoritative!! I got it at a mainstream pseudo design stationary shop).
    I feel better already, like out of the loop of unhelped woe. Like, I’m back in the system at my dr’s office. I’m going to do some sleep trials and am wearing a watch that monitors my physical activity and lighting!! I might get a lightbox for wintertime sad!!! always lovin. xoxoxo

  5. John Weeks Says:

    Brain Stamp yeah! Special Spycore watch yeah! Go Helen!

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