Round 8: Day 15


Another black and whiter – the girls were restless again tonight. I’m just pleased that this is going up on the date it was supposed to.

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6 Responses to “Round 8: Day 15”

  1. John Weeks Says:

    (It’s vegetarian Nacho Ravioli, of course.)

  2. Adam Ford Says:

    thankyou john. i was hoping someone would pick that up.

  3. Amber Says:

    Adam, I’m loving this more and more with each addition to the story. Your drawing is very fluid and expressive. The face of the Biol teacher in panel 3 is orrsome.

    And by the by, do you know this exact scenario happened to me in Year 11 Biology though it was rats, not frogs. Oh and I have neither a mop nor a can of nacho ravioli as my head.

    PS. Is Mr Caan wearing high heels?

  4. Adam Ford Says:

    i think they’re those japanese sandals with the wooden pegs on the bottom of them? he was too high for the platform…

    also somehow Mrs. Teague became Mr. Caan, so maybe he’s her in drag?

  5. Slugdog Says:

    Living things encased in metal: ‘Mr Caan’? I suspect we are leading up to the big reveal:

  6. adam Says:

    nothing gets past you, weeks, does it? i did this in front of the dr who davros episode, as a matter of fact.

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