Round 8: Day 3


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6 Responses to “Round 8: Day 3”

  1. Miss Helen Says:

    Are you also cheating with use of babby for plot?

  2. Amber Says:

    Ha! I like your drawings Adam – am fan of the Weeksy-ness (TM). Also I very much like that the daughter is called Mophead Head and not Mop Mophead which wouldn’t have been nearly as funny. Looking fwd to next installment!

  3. adam Says:

    who else is cheating with babbies? are babbies cheating? okay, yes, there are similarities between myself and mophead, given that both of us are dads, but there are also marked differences, in that i do not have a mop for a head, nor do I eat bees…

  4. godn Says:

    babies cheating? i thought all comics were written by kids & 4 kids 4 the child in All of us…. i like how this rehab round is morphing into a steamroller of dropped in colour loose drawing and off the cuff narrative. My new comic mantra is “fast cheap and out of control”….

    dad mophead has a real lilt to his stride, loving the dub dread drawing of the mop.

  5. John Weeks Says:

    The most surreal thing for me are the school uniforms. When I first moved to Australia I’d thought was in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood.

  6. miss elise Says:


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