Round Eight: Day two


Oh I forgot how hard this is! The indecision, the panic, the insecurity! I really liked this idea for a comic but I don’t think it works well in four panels – should have been six – and I wish I’d not coloured in with pencils… should have used photoshop. Do I look a little CRAZED in the third panel? I’m thinking yes, but that I kinda am a bit crazed so that’s ok.

But still, it is done and I am really pleased that it’s up as I was seriously considering phoning around to find a replacement artist at about 2pm this afternoon. Phew. Ok. Anyway. I will try to settle on an idea a little earlier for my next comic and will try to show some restraint when it comes to the pencil tin.

Oh and can I say that it was actually really FUN to draw again instead of just sitting about *thinking* about drawing. Yay for rehab.

11 Responses to “Round Eight: Day two”

  1. bowb Says:

    actually, i was immediately struck by how wonderful the hand-colouring looked. and the lovely lettering. go amber!

  2. godn Says:

    yeh i thought the colouring was spot on

    i’ve had a similar reaction to eating zucchini, tomatos, peas,(not so much with carrots or lettuce) straight from the garden. they contain drug like properties when picked and consumed immeadiate…. like comiks

    rehab for immeadiate comiks addiction

    does every rehabber need a group hug or group therapy before starting to break the fear of drawing cycle? drawing is like falling maybe you need to let go of control to an extent. what happens if it is a ‘bad’ drawing? (therapy voice says what happens if what you fear really happens? and then what?)

    no one dies, other drawings are made, your bad drawing is my new amazement.

    none of amber drawings were bad

  3. Amber Says:

    Thanks Bowb 🙂

    And thanks Tim. You know what? You’re absolutely right and I totally think we all need a group hug or therapy or something 🙂

  4. Miss Helen Says:

    I love the pencil!! It looks ever so slightly dicky and amazing. Donut photoshop.
    And I’m feeling it with passionfruit! I’m reading Possum Living at the moment, and am yearning for vegetable garden at my next house!

    Last year, I did a bad drawing where my friend’s face looked like a monkey, it was really distressing and it took me a good few hours of staring at it(+whinging at partner and frantic smsing) to recover.

    ps. amber, I think my spinster face looks really evil in my panel 3 too!! I am eternally group hugging rehabbers. xoxo

  5. Hackpacker Says:

    Nice drawing. Liked the colour especially for trippy strawberry.

  6. adam Says:

    pencil ist gut. i was thinking of doing some textas myself, after the one- panel galactus comic i did recently, and then i read mr nosey to my eldest yesterday and i really do believe that richard scarry did the colouring of hte original few mr men books in textas – it has that lovely gone-over-twice thing happening a lot.

    this comic was lovely.

  7. Anthony Says:

    I really enjoyed this comic it read well in the four panels. The third panel also works well, even the face, I think the lettering helps express the feeling best. Overall a fantastic comic!

  8. John Weeks Says:

    ‘Between the idea and the reality, between the motion and the act’
    comes the comic

  9. Charles Says:

    I can almost hear Beethoven in the third panel. Love it.

  10. ad Says:

    no, not crazed. just looks like mind-expanding strawberry experience.
    a lovely little comic amber, and i like the wee inclusions of colour.

  11. miss elise Says:

    me too i love the pencil & i love the story & i love the fact that it made me think THAT’S JUST LIKE ME WITH MY BLUEBERRY BUSH. yes i have a blueberry bush. i seriously have one. i still can’t believe it myself, it’s that cool. xxx

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