Round Eight, Day One


The lovely spinster Part 1
Yay, it took me all day, thanks to having a severe case of illustration nerves, but I’m happy about my plotless comic! My drawing is a lot more flowy than last time, Hallelujah!


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6 Responses to “Round Eight, Day One”

  1. Amber Says:

    Hallelujah indeed! Congrats on your first rehab relapse comic miss helen – it’s a lovely one. Your drawing is looking so amazing – such fine confident lines! Love the fat lines in panel three especially. And of course that nothing bad ever happens cuz spinsters totally need good shit in their lives.

    ps. Also love that morrissey is doing a poo!


  2. Miss Helen Says:

    Thanks Amber. I actually did sketch out most of the pictures before I inked due to a chronic lack of confidence, though I did do this as quickly as I could, John Weeks style.

    I had some amazing classes last year where we had to do like 30 portraits of people in our class, which helped me a lot, like, the disciplined practice was really important and useful, and I had a teacher who told me that my lines were too controlled, which was helpful, and helped me break out of my ‘first time must be perfect’ thing that I seem to have.

    Looking at it a couple of hours later(I did it in one sitting), I wish I put more detail in. Next time!!! I never seem to sit down with a proper plan, and that might help also.

    My goal, I suppose for rehab is to feel more confident about my drawings(not expect failure/know I can cope with picture failure), and to get better at drawing people in different poses.

  3. godn Says:

    immeadiacy is god! (kinda) weirdly i think it takes initially more confidence to let go and flow out than to sit and plan, but the results are way more intresting and discovery based… i’m sure more rehab will mean more ‘confidence’… all the lines look like the ‘right’ lines to me full of openess and light space.

    i like letting my daughter write my comiks so they are plotted by chance.
    i dunno if spinster is plotless but more a collection of moments… nosepick is ace!!

  4. Miss Helen Says:

    When I try to sit and plan, I get distracted. My thoughts are scattered at the moment as it is, so flow going is the only way.
    I must obtain a loan of a babby in order to gain plot. Thankyou!!!!

  5. adam Says:

    love the last line.

  6. John Weeks Says:

    Kind of tone poem without sound

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