Round 08: Reintroducing Adam Ford


Hello. It’s nice to be here. Some of my other comics are over here.

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9 Responses to “Round 08: Reintroducing Adam Ford”

  1. Amber Says:

    Ha! I love! I’m thinking back to the days of quick draw and ‘you could have done this’. Looking forward to it Fordy. Oh and the ‘…because I like Amber’ line just made my day 🙂

  2. John Weeks Says:

    At first I thought ‘heaviest pen’ was ‘heavyest porn’. Camera as default scanner – sweet! In a pinch it’ll do.

  3. Miss Helen Says:

    Hi Adam! Lovely!!! I love your intro+attitude. I am going to dedicate my work from this round to John Weeks.

  4. godn Says:

    good to see people are alive!! yay rehabbers nicolahelenamberadam (nhaa!!!)

    will try to follow and comment as appropriatteeeee. digging the comic card collector format and liking the free form / photo draw with what comes to hand which is how i always imagined it should be and would do more so if i was in rehab again.

    *this has posted me as “godn” as i am making a superhero comik a month for ten months and that was the name of the first one i was gonna post as a blog but is better to put on my site but really its zombo

  5. Amber Says:

    [waves] Hi Tim! I’ve missed you! Oh this is so fun already.

  6. adam Says:

    thanks everyone. yeah i thought that my self-portrait looked a little weeksy on reflection. tim, godn sounds exxo. you and superheroes sounds so much fun.

  7. John Weeks Says:

    I’m an adjective now? Fordy I am so suing you for trademark infringement. (Just after Ambs gets a ‘cease and desist’ from John Porcellino.)

  8. Adam Ford Says:

    no greater compliment than adjectivisation, john.

  9. comicrehab Says:

    Oh John – Just had to retrieve a whole heap of your comments from spam. The lesson here is don’t say pr0n. 🙂 – Amber

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