Week Seven: Day 17


I think there’s gonna be a fight in the next installment as the Dutch milkmaids go toe to toe with the Belgian imposter… 


2 Responses to “Week Seven: Day 17”

  1. tim zombo Says:

    dutch tumbling cornucopia! it must be the middle of rehab as the comments have dried up…. your hairy man looks refreshingly feminine, not like a girl with hair… something inbetween. Is this half scanned / half photographed? odd effect.

    something dreamlike and relaxed about the pace this is going at, like a sunday morning dream.

    i love cheese peace…

  2. Kirrily Says:

    He could be exhaling with a cigarette between his “peace” fingers. I love how much space has been dedicated to the presentation of cheeses and wot not.

    Must admit I thought the Belsch imposter was a Dutch milkmaid at first.

    So much texta! Love it.

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