Round Seven: Day Fourteen


Sorry, sorry, sorry!

I’ve been immobile and the internet cafe wouldn’t recognise my USB drive. Also, I have two days in which to paint a life-sized statue of Jesus for World Youth Day (true!)



3 Responses to “Round Seven: Day Fourteen”

  1. tim zombo Says:

    no comments no comments… the business end of rehab as the commentators go away.

    the grumpy guy (is that you in the morning leigh?) seems to be pre-menstrual. Jeepers. But the other guys a wuss, he should just slap him.

    i keep becoming compulsively focussed on the ashtray between them, like its neutral territory that they both are struggling over. Or the crown of a submerged king waiting to arise from the waters. Pregnant with moment.

    Your arms (drawn) are so natural. Wish i could draw them like that.

  2. Kirrily Says:

    I love the chap on the right, he has a good “sipping face”. I quite like the use of the word “Yeesh”, just makes me think of Charlie Brown. …Actually the grumpy chap is a bit like Lucy.

  3. Leigh Says:

    Thanks for the comments fellas! Glad to know someone’s watching.

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