Round Seven: Day 15



It is late I apologise. Rehab is tough, and I was away with no scanner – comic drawn, and I tried the photo technique, but the comic was illegible.


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9 Responses to “Round Seven: Day 15”

  1. tim zombo Says:

    i hope everyone is going to make it back to rehab

  2. Amber Says:

    Thanks Tim – I do too.

    After seven round of this project it’s so clear to me how important group pressure is for people to keep posting. As soon as one person drops off, chances are that at least one of the others will follow. But if everyone sticks to the regime, no excuses, then usually everybody stays tight.

    So, if any of you are wondering if you should bother catching up and keeping at it… yes you should! If not for you, for the other artists participating. Your failure to post is their excuse not to.

  3. tim zombo Says:

    will concur that finishing is better than not finishing… its hard to get it back when it goes off the rails for whatever reason but worth it to have it done. I think finishing gave me a little momentum and discipline to tackle other projects, for what thats worth.

    the dreaded it.

  4. Miss Helen Says:

    Come on team!

  5. Greg G Says:

    Nudeman is turning out to be a bit of a “toffy” sort…

  6. Greg G Says:

    I do like him, though.

  7. tim zombo Says:

    Nudeman has real form and weight compared to other things in the comic (the car) yet he may use the least amount of lines. Is this the magic of animation experience? I dunno… maybe its my focus.

    The change to the small shaded nudeman walking up the hill rocks hard!!! excellent.

  8. Kirrily Says:

    It’s interesting to think about how animating has influenced my comics. My drawing skills are not quite as refined as I’d like – so I often get some kind of conflict of style within my comics and animation work. I do find though, and this really became integral to my process when learning to animate, that when I CAREFULLY try to draw the character in a particular posture it ends up looking a bit stiff. Whereas if I just let go and indulge in the story, ie: what is in the character’s mind, I tend to come up with better body language and expression. Also having experienced many students doing the whole copy-paste thing because they can’t be bothered redrawing something has strengthened my confidence in allowing the character’s body to be ‘wobbly’ in each pose. It gives a little more life, seemingly.

  9. tim zombo Says:

    have to say the little animation i have done has helped to refine my understanding of what will look repetitive and how much randomness is required to fool the eye into seeing texture and difference. Also that thing of being the emotion you are trying to draw.

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