Excuse me for stepping in. Leigh has contacted me to say that he is having technical problems that have prevented him from posting today. Please come back to rehab Leigh… I sort of believe you. Post a comic tomorrow and all will be forgiven. Same goes for Darren who I fear may have jumped the boundary fence. If anyone sees him please direct him back to rehab!

And now to some project news. I’m very excited to announce that Comic Artist Rehab has been invited to be part of the National Young Writer’s Festival (part of TINA) in Newcastle. The festival is on from 2-6 October.

As part of our presence we are planning to have a roaming rehabilitation facility, comic reading/swap space and a comic confessional! How cool will that be?

Who’s keen to come and be a part of the fun? I have to get back to the festival organisers with a rough quote  of how many rehabbers will be in attendance…. please email me or leave a comment if you’re keen! There may be some support available to pay for accommodation.

So excited!

xx Amber


One Response to “Ahem”

  1. GinaBee1 Says:

    About time someone came up with something useful. Funny guy! Recently my family sent a loved one to California Drug rehabilitation center and found the facility to be extremely helpful. I will also turn them onto your comic site.

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