Round Seven: Day 13


The cow arrives with the rest of the Dutch girls and the Gouda! A small secret for you – I know how to milk a cow and I have worn real clogs for a couple of months in Belgium. I know. I’m really, really cool. Also – I’ve had a really hard time maintaining the look of my main character – he got a bit out of hand during the last few days after I became obsessed with drawing facial hair and he nearly became a yeti. Hmm – I smell a spin off – ‘Yeti Man’… Oh yeah and the big long brown thing in panel 3 is a baguette (you know it’s a real bad drawing when you have to explain what something is…). What can I say? I’m just too lazy to pencil stuff first.


4 Responses to “Round Seven: Day 13”

  1. Simon Says:

    Is Bruce Willis making an appearance as well?

  2. tim zombo Says:

    the island here is full of expat dutch/german/swiss… surprising amount of european women backpackers meeting ‘island men’ and settling down here…

    ….so the whole point being dutch women bearing food flanked by cows is a serious part of my reality.

    beginning to think pencilling is overated. you see it on the page or you don’t. Just throwin’ that out there.

    the main character is totally consistent to me and characters really are just two – three main features that you ‘scan’ and everything else is fluid (says me who’s characters are not much more than blobs).

    loving the green hair. Kiwi textas (called ‘felts’ here, blank stares if you refer to a ‘texta’) arent the same green.

  3. Kirrily Says:

    I’d like a packet of felts.

  4. Q ray Says:

    Hey! I have facial hair.

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